incredibly well done

This was my second county, and the first one was a beautiful dumpster fire worthy of roasting weenies over. However, the staff are impeccably dedicated to the player base and ensuring not only safe (which was incredibly important to me after prior experiences in the other county) but fun, and rp-immersive experiences. Probably 90% of the negative reviews you are reading are coming from people who disagreed with the admins in the discord server about the way they ran the redm one. I.e, not liking they didn’t get their way because the staff are NOT paid and are doing this for FREE.

Needless to say, this is also the first review I have ever written, and even then I do not think I am capable of fully relaying the integrity this server has shown me in regards to staff and playerbase relationships. The roleplay is fun and creative, and the characters even more so. It is a colorful and diverse cast of people coming together to tell the story of the most wild and western times this side of Dakota River Bend.


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