Incredible community♥

Theres no line between the admins/owners and players, everyone is very much so merged together with active communication. That itself is lovely, and a joy to be apart of. The owners listen to both sides of a story, deal with it professionaly, and a lot of the times, it’s very smooth sailing. You have the opportunity to create multiple characters, each with their own thing to do. Become a paramedic, police officer, criminal, a normal civ! Anything is a possibility in this server, or anything can become a possibility. They’re very open to suggestions and requests. They aren’t money hungry, this server is not a pay to play/win. Everything is very very fair, wether you support the server or not. Raffles for MMLO houses amongst players. Being able to buy endless amounts of houses with in game money. All in all, i recommend this server, from a player who has dwindled in many cities. The server is actively growing, and becoming more and more lovely. I’m happy to be here and will continue supporting!

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