Inappropriate Reviews


I have flagged this review multiple times. It says , “I hate chinese people” and uses a bunch of offensive moccery.

There is also another using offensive words towards staff.

Can I get them removed please.

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You can flag the review.

I have , several times as mentioned in the first post and it is still there. This is racist stuff, why has it not been removed?

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Weird. I’ve definitely seen this review in the flag list and actually removed it.

Are you sure it’s not being reposted by this user instead?

Ah, it seems the specific way the flag got handled actually didn’t unlist the topic but just the post, keeping the title intact:


That’d be a platform bug, indeed: an unlisted OP should hide the entire review. A future update should solve that behavior, I’ll remove the review properly once that’s done as this is a test case to validate and I have properly unlisted the review as a result until this update.