In regards to FiveM and EULA


A lot of you have probably never heard of me before! Which is absolutely fine, like many of you I am simply an early adopter of the FiveM project and have recently posted on the SoE thread about my distaste for the current EULA and why it should be changed. I’m working on a rather big project with FiveM, and would – of course, like my opinion to be taken into account as this is a framework.

With that being said, there seems to be a stigma here that the development team does not listen and does not care about the opinion of the community.

I’m here to disprove that stigma, as recently due to my post a developer has even taken the time to personally reach out with me and work with me toward a possible solution to this, and even brought me on to talk to some of the team and explain why I feel things should change in regards to the EULA.

I have a few observations I made while speaking to them:
(1) The developers are definitely more than willing to speak with you and try and understand why you feel a certain way about something.

They are willing to listen to rational points that are constructively worded.

(2) The development team definitely needs to hear more from the community. They’re willing to hear but they need a voice to actually hear. The community, in particular server owners need to make what they feel more heard. They need to have a voice to actually speak so the developers can listen.

This doesn’t mean to beg for more slots, for the love of god, the community and “newer” people for modding need to understand that this project is a massive undertaking and it’s not as simple as a couple of line changes. It’s an even more of a massive undertaking as we’ve lost the original developer of the project.

(3) The developers are competent. They definitely know what they’re doing, and just leave it up to them. With time, things will come into fruition.

In conclusion,
The developers are definitely more than happy to listen to us as a community. They’re willing to speak, we just need to address them with the mutual respect they’ll have for us if we do so. Please word things in a calm manner, think through what you’re saying, and be willing to engage in conversation, prove why what you think is right, and be willing to be convinced. That is the same mindset the developers are speaking to you with, so grant them that.



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