In need of dev help/dev for our server

Hi, we are looking for a Dev that wants to help us build both a server and community. We have a basic QBCore server setup with a bunch of scripts, but need some more in depth help when it comes to customization and bigger projects, as well as optimization and car deving.
We have a vision for the server in mind and would love to have a conversation with anyone interested in helping/joining the community.
We are also willing to accept help in any way when it comes to deving, even having someone we can bug with questions would be great as well.
Also would like to mention that we cannot afford to pay anyone with money to help.

If you would like help with your server shoot me a dm on discord

elitegamerhdx5 on discord

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Added you on discord

still looking

discord : cinematically


Add me on discord maybe my team can help @mr.rco

I never Got added The Username is _nullvalue