In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support

I’d love the ability to have multiple tabs open at once, similar to how browsers operate, just for quicker ease of access.

Hmm I did not know this I haven’t played in awhile but I’ll load up a server and opencad and find a fix.

If you close with the esc key it should open to the page you left it in. I can look into adding tabs tho.

Hey man, when i close the tab it doesn’t enable the controls back, its still has the mouse and we cant press anything? :slight_smile:

No no, OpenCAD has it’s own login system. Mine is customized by my web dev guy to use Steam. I’m wondering if it has to do with forwarding to another website. It’s not a major problem if I can’t use my cad, I’m sure I can find another use for that button.

Yes it doesn’t like forwarding if there was a way you can make your login pop in a modal it might work.

PM so i can look into your issue more.

is it possible that you add discord in it?

It would be cool because we do not use opencat we use discord.

I’ve tried in the past and discord didnt like the iframe or the embed. But there may be new methods for it and if someone can figure it out i’d be more then happy to add it in.

If someone can figure out how to install the Titan bot and host it somewhere. I don’t know crap about python, nor do I have the willingness to learn it. But it sounds like an option. I might get my son that is far smarter than me to set it up on his VPS.

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I couldn’t get it to do what i wanted it to. If someone can tho thatd be great, but i have tried this method.

I dont have an opencad, i have another cad that is webbased, and when i put it into the tablet the screen is just blank. Does this only support opencad?

Message me on the discord and ill help you



Got to and invite the bot to your discord.

set your params on the site after selecting your server and just copy the embed code. Use it as a link in the ui.html



Im using a cad different from OpenCad. When I put my cad link and restart the resource it just shows blank

Message me on the discord for support to save on the comments here. I left a link in the support section of the post.

where do i put the bot link in the ui.html at

make a new section by copy and pasting another section or change the href link on an existing one.

Thanks @AminYadevice