Improve natives.lua

Could you please improve the lua-script under “fivereborn-folder\citizen\scripting\lua\natives.lua”?
Some of the functions return a boolean values instead of a number and vice versa.
And all Remove-functions, e.g. like RemovePed(…), don’t work.
Can you fix it?

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Working a bit with this myself @Bob.

How do you see what values are being returned or what errors are happening?

I want to see exactly what is going on behind the scenes when I am running this through. Do you have a console out or what?

I have write some lua scripts on my server and then I test it. If my code don’t work as I wish I see in the CitizenFX.log and see that there happen an error. Example out of CitizenFX.log:

I look at the website “AB Software Development” to find there functions that I want to use, than look at the ‘natives.lua’, take the method from there and than I test it if it works. For testing I also use print on the server and log at the ‘CitizenFX.log’. This is like a console.

You can also view just script logs in-game by using F8.

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Very helpful.

Are there any files documenting this and other key functions included within Reborn?

the only key that does something is f8.

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