Impossible to see the servers

Every time I run fivereborn I do not see the server

Thank you for answering me

Hi Yark,
Have you installed all the files correctly?
try reinstalling it and allowing the network permissions popup that occurs by ticking both boxes, also make sure your signed into steam because some servers need that.
If that dont work check original GTA V folder.

I did that you told me it still does not work!

how long do you wait because sometimes it takes a while for the servers to all load.

I waited 10 minutes!

Hi, i have the same problem

oh ok i will link this to an admin or moderator @Boss @0x420

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Have you found the problem?

No I still do not find the problem

go on discord and say your problem there as admins and people that may give further help are there

They do not answer :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

just try and dm admins or other people who know the code better than i do