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Imperial Roleplay is a new and up-and-coming FiveM roleplay server which strives to accommodate realistic and immersive roleplay for anyone who is interested. We offer captivating law enforcement roleplay with the Pro version of Sonoran CAD and 90% of the plugins for it, a progress-able ranking structure, and a huge vehicle fleet and uniform EUP. Our Civilian Operations department have lots to do around the county through developing their characters on the CAD and creating links between other characters. If you’re interested in realistic roleplay, over the age of 16 and like the sound of this, think about joining and giving it a try!

Imperial Roleplay Departments

  • LSPD The Los Santos Police Department is responsible for patrolling and keeping the Los Santos area free from crime. The LSPD is equipped with stunning MLO’S, a high end EUP, a large fleet of high-quality vehicles and much more!

  • SAST The San Andreas State Police is responsible for ensuring the safety of the highways and state roads while also responding to calls anywhere in the state. The SAST is equipped with MLO’S, a high end EUP pack, a large fleet of vehicles, and much more!

  • BCSO Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for protecting and safeguarding the lives and the property of the people in our communities. They are equipped with MLO’s, a high end EUP pack, a large fleet of vehicles, and much more!

  • Civilian Operations The San Andreas Civilian Operations is a well organised and maintained department, which seeks to engage all members of the server and develop both realistic and entertaining characters, storylines and scenes. There are many MLOs to enhance roleplaying capabilities.

  • SAFR The San Andreas Fire and Rescue is responsible for preserving lives and properties, promotes public safety and fosters economic growth through a commitment to prevention, preparedness, response and recovery as an all-risk life safety response provider. The SAFR is equipped with multiple MLO’S, a high end EUP pack, a large stunning fleet of vehicles, and much more!

All departments have their own head and Roster. They are all equipped with brilliant scripts to make the RP more immersive.

So, why not come check us out and help us grow as a community. I can assure you; you will not regret it!

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Our LSPD Air Unit patrolling the skies :heart_eyes:

If you’re looking for a realistic and professional FiveM server, Imperial Roleplay is the place for you. Join today!

BCSO is fitted with the latest and most advanced equipment there is!

If you’re looking for the realistic and professional FiveM server, Imperial Roleplay is the place for you!

Interested in joining the BCSO or one of our other departments? Join Imperial Roleplay today for the finest RP out there