ImmerCityRP - 18+ RP Server Looking For ALL Players - Gangs, Cops, EMS, Business Owners, Etc

ImmerCity is an 18+ RP community looking for all new players! We have openings for a few more gangs, Police, EMS, and a large variety of businesses!

Our biggest need right now is players. We could use another gang or two, and a handful of cops to help the city take off. Don’t want to be a criminal or cop? There is always room for regular citizens in the city!

Our gangs feature paid MLO interior hideouts with storage, gang garages, gang spawns, and gang specific drug activity. The gangs fight for control over territories to sell/produce drugs.

Our police department features the 2021 RedSaint Code3 vehicle pack, as well as an unique fleet of vanilla inspired vehicles. Along with the 40+ car fleet, we have SonoranCAD, t1ger_trafficpolicer, marcus_barricades, and many more paid police scripts. We are currently putting the final touches on our different departments within the LSPD, to hopefully soon open up the GIU, Swat, Detectives, and K-9 Units.

Brand new to RP and not sure how everything works? First, our community is very helpful and welcoming to new players. Then our Discord has a LOT of the city documented, but we pride ourselves on not everything is as obvious as it seems. Many aspects have hidden features, both legal and illegal. The best doesn’t comes easy, instead you are rewarded for exploring and thinking outside of the box.

Here is a quick overview of the city:

Some of the city’s key features:

NO Pay-To-Win - Zero paid perks.
Custom Vehicle Handling
Player Economy
Player Owned Pets
Pokemon Card Collectibles
Gang Life - Territories, Hideouts, Gang-Specific Crime
Leisure Activities - Amusement Park, Billiards, Golf, Racing, Gambling, Drugs, Bowling, and more
Plenty of ways to earn money, both legally and illegally.
All vehicles are limited stock.
Housing and Motels. Houses can be placed anywhere and feature furniture shopping!

Businesses For Sale:

Mechanic Shops
24/7 Convenience Stores
Liquor Stores
Restaurants (Bean Machine, Taco Farmer)

Whitelisted Jobs Hiring:

Car Dealer
EMS (Few scripts to enhance the EMS life and add some RP value)
Police (Large Vehicle Fleet, SonoranCAD, and MANY more police-specific scripts)
Mechanic shops
Vanilla Unicorn Dancers/Bartenders
Librarian (Approve citizen-written books to go on display)

Open-To-All Work Opportunities:

Food Truck
Garbage Crew
Hidden Job(s) :wink:

Criminal Opportunities: Not all Listed for RP’s Sake

Store Robbery
ATM Robbery
Drug Production
Kidnapping Locals
Bank Truck Heist
Bank Heist
6+ More Heists

Coming Soon:
More Import Vehicles (100 or so added in on 11/25. More unique/paid imports coming soon!)
Import Clothing

We are currently only Discord soft-listed. You just need to join Discord and get your Citizen role in the #welcome channel. Be sure to check out the #new-player-tips in Discord as well for some good starting out tips.

We look forward to seeing you all in city soon!

Updated main post for City’s launch.

Fair Warning: There will be a complete wipe directly prior to launch - feel free to check the city out now, but just know all characters will be reset as we launch the city on Friday. Exact time will be posted soon.

Great server, Owner really knows what he’s doing all paid scripts we been working hard getting the server ready. IM LOOKING FOR OFFICERS join the discord and submit an application.

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Hosting some fun events this weekend – community decided date/time - currently Sunday 4-6pm is winning :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Prize payout is dependent on the number of participants - the more who come the bigger the prize pool.

City Events will happen tomorrow between 2pm and 8pm EST. Five total events, four that have prizes. Prize Pool starts at 1.1M assuming only 10 people show up to each event, but if we fill the city with 100 people that show up to each event, then prize pool will jump to 6.25M.

Events Include:
PlasmaGame (Capture the Flag Paintball)
GoKart Race
Street Fight Tournament
Find the Graffiti (Hide N Seek essentially)

Night will end with some fun at ImmerCity’s new Back Alley Casino.

Details posted in #city-news on Discord.

No real reason to even address it - before his edit he was praising the city. Things didn’t work out and now the salt flows.

Hiring Police and EMS as well as a bunch of other Jobs! Join today!

Updated the main post - just added a lot of content this week. This includes 4 new criminal opportunities that nobody has yet to find. Come be the first!

Moving closer to Grand Launch. Come get started in ImmerCity!

Right now our most popular time is between 8 PM and 1AM EST.

Added in a bunch of import and “vanilla-import” vehicles today. The vanilla-imports are just custom versions of Vanilla-branded vehicles. Over 100 vehicles added today, many more to come!

Would love to have another gang or two started in the city, along with a handful of more cops.

Love being in this city. Have met some really great people and made some awesome friends. Once this city grows it will be great content for the streamers out there!

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Hosting a drag racing event tomorrow night at our drag strip that has a working drag system, including working start light tree, quarter mile times, top speed, and who’s the winner.

Discord has more info. If you’re new to the city, somebody will have a car they’ll let you enter to race if you want to!

New MC Clubhouse added in for whomever is our next biker gang:

Also have 4 more Mansion MLO’s from K4MB1/Breze for other gangs/mafia/crime orgs that join.

Still looking to add a few more registered gangs to the city, as well as some more police!

Christmas Advent Calendar event started now. Use /advent in-city each day to get a cash reward sent right to your bank!

Also added in a Christmas Tree hunt that will also run till Christmas. Find one of the hidden trees in city to receive a present!