Im Iffy

The Good:
Server Has Great EUP
Has Great Cars
Has Great RP (If and when available)
Some Staff are Very good
LEO Very Active
EMS & Fire Very Active

The Bad
Ive run into quite a few staff who abuse their perms and troll
Server Crashes Regularly
Restarts are NOT Announced appropriately and are done at extremely innapropriate times
Way too much RDM, VDM, and FRP
When staff do break Server Rules or their code of cunduct you have to go through a long drawn out and lengthy process to get anything done about it, and even if they do do something about it, They wont tell you what they did. Hence you dont know if said person was punished appropriately.
Gangs and Criminal Organziations are way too hard to get into.
Gang Activities such as Cocaine Labs, Marijuana Farming, etc. are extremely limited and exclusive.
Jobs as a whole are difficult to come by.
Management has a tendency to abuse their situation of power to VDM, RMD, and FRP. Such as throwing a nuke at the server to blow people up and using high speed cars to VDM innocent bystanders trying to RP.
Cop Baiting is too frequent and not punished as it should be.
People do not follow the lawful order of and officer regardless of rank and department.
Inactive Staff
Mod Packs for LEO and other purchaseable packs are outrageously priced.

My overall opinion of this server is that the bad outweighs the good. When its good its Great. But more and more it just seems that VDM and RDM and FRP gets away because there arent many staff on. The server needs a lot more serious RP and better staff that can control their personal feelings and not do things that break their code of cunduct. Take this for what you will. But the server is good. But these days the Bad is beginning to outweigh the good.

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