I'm home

Not one to leave reviews typically, I felt compelled to acknowledge how amazing this group is.

From the moment I arrived at Trono, I have felt an overwhelming amount of acceptance and appreciation that is rarely found in any gaming community. This place has drawn my wife and I in, and afforded us many fun memories and plenty of laughter.

The devs are top notch and continually working to improve every aspect of the server and keep members fully engaged. The staff eager and ready to help at a moments notice, and also bring a great dynamic of rp events and quality interactions.

A very diverse group of talented, witty, and sometimes unhinged members ensure there will never be a dull moment. Everyone is willing to lend a new Trononion a helping hand in finding their way in the city. With so much to do and with the continual addition of new things, I don’t see myself ever walking away. I could go on and on but would rather use that time more wisely and get back to grinding.

Quit wasting your time reading this review, and catch a quick flight to Trono. We’ll be waiting for your arrival! Thank me later.



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