I'm having a problem running FiveReborn

I open FiveReborn and it shows the russian loading screen with Social Club then closes and continues to launching after that it closes and shows a Fatal Error Message with this image

Any fix? I’ve reinstalled GTA 5 its a repack by JohnMc but it said that the Crack was RELOADED and i updated it to the latest version 1.36

I haven’t modded the game files in anyway

Mmmmmmmmm, sorry but the only answers you would get around here would most likely pertain to the legit copy of the game.

AFAIK, the devs do not support the cracked/ stolen/ torrented versions.

…But there probably is a way…

My friend plays with RELOADED on FiveReborn. Maybe I should just wait for an answer :confused:

repack = game files were re-packed (duh) = modified

buy the game.

Piracy is not supported.