im having a issue with Could not find dependency async for resource es_extended

this is my cfg file

These resources will start by default.

ensure mapmanager
ensure chat
ensure spawnmanager
ensure sessionmanager

Add system admins

add_ace group.admin command allow # allow all commands
add_ace group.admin command.quit deny # but don’t allow quit
add_ace resource.es_extended command.add_ace allow
add_ace resource.es_extended command.add_principal allow
add_ace resource.es_extended command.remove_principal allow
add_ace resource.es_extended command.stop allow

ESX Legacy

ensure mysql-async
ensure cron
ensure skinchanger
ensure es_extended
ensure esx_menu_default
ensure esx_menu_dialog
ensure esx_menu_list
ensure esx_identity
ensure esx_skin

ESX Addons

#ensure esx_multicharacter # es_extended requires Config.Multichar = true
ensure instance
ensure esx_rpchat
ensure esx_phone
ensure esx_voice
ensure esx_sit
ensure esx_animations
ensure esx_addonaccount
ensure esx_addoninventory
ensure esx_datastore
ensure esx_property
ensure esx_garage
ensure esx_society
ensure esx_service
ensure esx_billing
ensure esx_license
ensure esx_dmvschool
ensure esx_status
ensure esx_basicneeds
ensure esx_optionalneeds
ensure esx_shops
ensure esx_weaponshop
ensure esx_clotheshop
ensure esx_barbershop
ensure esx_accessories
ensure esx_vehicleshop
ensure esx_boat
ensure esx_jobs
ensure esx_joblisting
ensure esx_cruisecontrol
ensure esx_atm
ensure esx_drugs
ensure esx_holdup
ensure esx_lscustom
ensure esx_ambulancejob
ensure esx_mechanicjob
ensure esx_ambulancejob
ensure esx_policejob
ensure esx_bankerjob
ensure esx_realestateagentjob
ensure esx_taxijob

can anyone help me

its because your database is pass worded so it cannot connect you need to add the password to your mysql link line

but also there are so many errors here