Im a dev looking to dev in servers

I have been a dev for over 2 years
My codeing languages are LUA, Python, javascript, HMTL, CSS

Skills and Assets
I have a lot of skills when it comes to running, developing and managing FiveM servers, I also have a lot of car modeling and make textures.

In FiveM itself I can;
    Create a FiveM server from scratch,It can be (Non ESX or Nopixel or VRP or Q bus or ESX) 
   If you want me to make something specfic for your server you just request for me to do it and I will do it!
    Configure and edit resources exactly to your liking.
    Make your server files look neat, organized and professional.
    If you are working on a linux or windows machines, I can set it up or you can if you wish!
	I can also make you cars for your server and I can make textures.

 Other things I can do.
    Manage a Dedicated Server Box by keeping it professional, up to date and running as optimal as possible.
   Give you  tips and tricks I have learned over  my whole time over developing.
   Give you  information on the best, cheapest the most reliable service providers such as  Server Hosts, and VPS Hosting.
   Give you  the  quickest response times.

Contact Information

Discord: §ñåkê#0331

Hi there. I’ve reached out on discord!

AURP come to mind??