[IIS] EmergencyLS | Server-Side ELS Lighting System | Custom Patterns +

adis20 - Use Radiance / Better Visuals, I am using the 2nd and it looks great however even bright is “BRIGHT”…lol

Also, another thing I’ve noticed. Sometimes, when adding vehicles, the Q key will not turn on their lights, but the dpad will, and the other ELS keys work.

I had a vehicle named “BCSODurango2” and this issue happened, controller worked fine, “K” and “L” worked fine. But Q would NOT toggle primary lights. Changed the name to “BCSODurango”, worked fine.

The vehicles are spawning properly, which tells me the issue is not in the meta files; plus the fact that both “BCSODurango” and “BCSODurango2” were in the same car pack, and the metas were literally copy/pasted and the names changed. Both xmls are in the config and precent in the XML folder.

Has anyone else run into this utterly unique and baffling issue?

can this be used server side too

can i ask what version on fivem the els works with

I’m having an issue with this. On my FiveM server, If multiple users are using ELS vehicles, they all control each others ELS, so if player one turns lights on, player two’s lights turn on too, same with sirens etc.

Can anyone help?

I am having the exact same issue.

@Sky1ine have you added ensure baseevents to your server.cfg BEFORE you start the ELS?

I will give it a go, even though I dont have a resourse with the name baseevents

Still having this issue and the script is presenting issues on line 60, 98, 109, 203