Identical email but not aligned between cfx and patreon

I paid for FiveM Element Club Aurum :dvd: the problem is cfx says they donโ€™t have an email, instead the email and patreon is identical ( ) and every 24h I lose the benefits and have to realign them

Linked Patreon e-mail


Current Bonuses

FiveM Element Club Aurum


Patreon Membership

FiveM Element Club Aurum :dvd:

Sorry my English, thanks for help.

Seems like the support would be a better and faster way to help you out.

Good luck.

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If you still havent fixed it, try to link the same email to your patreon account as your Keymaster Account :+1:

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I get this same issue as well. Will try support.

how did u fix it?

i need help wit this also

same here^^