[iCore] Chat script

I’m back to here and bring the chat scripts. It’s have nice look, not using FiveM chat, i have plant to build chat api system, but in this version, it’s call to current FiveM server and return to players.


  • Open with T key
  • Chat global, in zone or near the sender
  • Command ready for input
  • Nice look
  • No Requirement FiveM chat resource.

iCore chat:

If you’re selling your resource, please include the following information at the end of your post:

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 50
Requirements iCore
Support Yes


I am sorry about this but whats the name of the statusbar? Do you sell it as well?

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It’s include as built-in function in iCore, just place icon and status number with digital font, bro.