I want to test stream ped in five m server

i generally make custom ped for clients but i cant able to test my streamed peds in five m localhost server due to 15 dollars membership i think. is there any way to test things in localhost server without membership. because i use my localhost for testing only i dont want to pay 15 usd for only testing things, is there any way to test streamed peds and clothes in localhost?

You don’t need that for streaming peds…

how can i stream peds can you please share any template? when i try to stream streamed peds it comes invisible

put them like this your_resource/stream/ped_example.ytd etc.

no i was talking about streamed peds.

You can stream clothes for free if you set your server slots to 8 or less

OMG. it works man. before that i have to send ped to client for checking so its little weird. thanks :grinning: :heart_eyes:

Yeah np mate glad it works, can you mark as solution in case anyone else has this issue :heart::+1: