I want to make a server that nobody has the stomach to do in RedM!

These are the server rules. I want to allow racism and slavery just like it was back then. I want to be historically accurate for IC purposes.

Please contact me on discord if you are interested in creating this server with me and agree that almost every server in both fivem and redm is just plain boring.

imagine a world like this:


This is the 17 foundations of our servers and lets work together to make this the best server. If you break these rules we might kick, warn or even ban you and your party so please beware. This is a fair server.

Rules 1


Rules 2

Racial slurs are allowed, we encourage everyone to be hostile to black people and suspicious or even attempting to kidnap them. This is how it was back then and we just want to be historically accurate.

Spit on them at a bar, we dont care, just like nobody cared back then. But please do not be a dick about it and this is only to represent the time era, okay? Good.

Rules 3

Gay people in any manner is disgusting for everyone around in character. This is also how it was and any type of gay activity will give the marshall the right to hang you and your partner by the neck by an executioneer. Depending on how gay it was and how good of a lawyer you have, you might get a doctors visit. The doctor may or may not want to put a drill through your head and accidently kill you, because that is how doctors were back then.

Rules 4

We love everything in the bible when it suits us.

Rules 5

Never steal a mans horse. A horse thief pays with his life. Unless its a black persons horse.

Rules 6

Be extra kind to women and laugh at them everytime they wield anything that does not belong to the campfire stew making.

Never complain about them tho, only teasing. We want more women here.

DM the owner of the server if you indeed are a woman. We have a better starter package for them because it will be very different to be a woman in this server anyways.

Rules 7

Women may not wield a deadly weapon other than a handgun.

Rules 8

A man is allowed to RDM you or challenging you to a standoff for disrespecting their woman or even looking at her in bad manners. Remember to take your hat off for them and bow.

Rules 9

If they are YOUR woman you may be polite to not slap them out in public, go to an alley… seriously we know women. Do what you must.

Rules 10

We only allow one gender in this server. This is not year 2020 or 2021. This server is taking place in the year 1899.

Rules 11

No powergaming

Rules 12

New life rule.

You remember everything but your body is weakened and your heart might not be able to be involved in a life or death situation. Remain seated or grab a drink for free at the bar if you mention that you just came from hospital.

Rules 13

You are allowed to perform sex rp but not in the public, it is strict forbidden to have sex in the public. Go find an alley or rent a room for that.

Rules 14

Never go OOC.

Rules 15

Dont be annoying with ”believable ” accents or anything like that. We want you to be normal people in the Wild West.

We dont mean like someone saying ”howdy ” we mean more like those that are intimidating a very bad accent with high pitched voice CONSTANTLY. We dont want them here. So annoying!!

Rules 16

Go ahead and advertise other servers we and the staff members of this community would be very joyful to know that there is a server similar to us, more than happy! But we doubt so please be more than welcome. Just do not disrespect us. We will not forget or forgive such manners.

Rules 17

Do not be a jerk when you play. We expect that everyone already has RP experience to some degree and the bullshit like ”oh there was not anything about combat logging so I did it” is just being a real smartass that knows how unfair it is to the other person. There will be no mercy for these type of stuff, dont you even dare testing us on this rule. Dont.You.DARE.

by making a server like this we can have true freedom, both as a staff member and as a player. We want to bring back the good old days from internet to this server! Not a streamer friendly server or anything that has to be watered down.