I want shop like normal shop, but with blackmarket items!

Could I add shop to esx_shops scripts Like my own and put in coordinates for one place and there put like clips,handcuffs,armors etc in database make own shop into table? does it work that way

This one should work, it’s really easy to modify it to meet your needs.

Hey can I add items there too? Also you know what’s problem with my job armory like policejob/mechanic sometimes can’t take out items or put in items…

Yes, you can add or remove items, if this solved your problem if you wouldn’t mind marking my response as the solution so others can easily find it. Also, sent me screenshots of your server and client log for errors

No errors showing up. just can put items in but can’t take them out! thanks .

Hey! I’m getting this error at blackmarket… Buying item it shows everything but gives this error I CAN’T get it in my inventory…Don’t know what to do. SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_blackmarket/server/main.lua:60: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘canCarryItem’)

What version of es_extended are you using?

Its zap hosting default… Late 2019 but is it worth To reinstall all and make my server like 2.0.1 esx?

I would recommend 1.final, above that I think is still in development and mainly meant for developers or experienced people

The reason you are getting the error is because your version is out of date and not using the weight system, to fix the error you can update or just adapt the script to work with your version.

This is the version that should work.

If you don’t want to upgrade you might be able to download an older version which can be found bellow.


But you know I put them in normal shop, and database all that still give me possible to drop and give but not use! It’s real pain. It did work before… esx_extraitems and yes changed weight to limit in database

Can’t take out weapons now out of armory… Like policejob armory

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