I think it would be pretty cool

It would be pretty cool if admins would make categorie on this forum all about a competition and there we could make other categories where would be photoshop designs, gamemodes… blablabla where we could post thumbnails, logos, gamemodes and which of those win(probably by voting or just admin inspection) they get prize where admins insert or put those designs or whatever somewhere inside modification, site for few days (till there are more designs) also that maybe a logo or gamemode if Fivereborn ever makes badass official server for other people to play on it.
Afcourse now this is not possible but after more people get into this modification i think it would be awesome to have your gamemode or thumb on the big modification.

Maybe someone of you dont get my idea or dont like it. If you do/dont i would really appreciate if you would reply. I know that we dont need this but it is just for fun and more creativity.

@Fowraw I completely get your idea, but i think its too early for that right now :slight_smile:

I know that is why i said we dont need this right now, maybe when this modification has more members. :slight_smile: