I payied patreon

i payied patreon $15 for fivem.
but i don’t have a membership.
I made a payment and canceled my automatic payment.

It can take some time before you get it
Make sure you have the same email as on your forum account.

One you pay, it can take up to 6 hours for the benefits to be added to your account; as soon as you cancel, you immediately lose access to your benefits.

It’s all outlined in Patreon’s agreement.

It’s because you cancelled it… the API sees you cancelled it and doesn’t give you it

So, i can’t get access and refund ?

Ofcourse not??? That would be abuse…:woman_facepalming:t3:

but, i already payied… i can’t get back my money?

Unfortunately, as I understand Patreon’s terms of service, you have wasted $15 dollars (not that it’s not for a good cause, just that you won’t get the benefits).

You could try contacting Patreon dirrectly, seeing if they’ll let you start where you left off, but that’s about all you can do I believe. It’s out of the hands of FiveM, because payment is handled by Patreon, so there’s nothing we can do sorry.

No It would litterally be scamming. It is good that you don’t get your money back. You can’t get something Free while others pay for it.

my mean, i just want to cancel . i don’t wanna somethings, just want refund and . i just want pay only for one month but, It’s already $15 wasted.

Nothing we can do, I suggest contacting Patreon.

Thanks for the answer , i will be try contacting patreon

Might be wrong but if you replegde you shouldn’t pay again as you already paid for this month

I’m going to try confirming that ^^

UPDATE everytime you repledge you get charged

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If ya want one month of it, buy it and cancel it before it’s next due date.

huh? not usually

Yes your right. my membership is just stop there. i just click the confirm and now working.

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