I need some samp things

example of what i need :

  • when player is joining:
    SatlaItay connected to the server. (connected) - in gray color

  • when player is leaveing
    SatlaItay disconnected from the server. (disconnected) - in gray color
    example of messege:
    SatlaItay: messege. [ID:2 | TAG]

  • if you have something like that its would be great!

I can help you do it, but I will not do it for you.

Best regards,

you really bored ah? go search a life -_-

Don’t you think you should script yourself? And not ‘insult’ people who don’t want to do things for you?

i dont know how to script it its the reason why i open this theard - ‘insult’ ? why did he need to post comment like that ? if he dont want to help so dont comment anything

Mark has made one, but I am sure when he has time he will update it.