I need some help with addon vehicles

So I added this car pack to my server but when I try to spawn the vehicles through the spawn code it doesn’t even spawn and just gives an error at the bottom left (Normally that error means it isn’t in your resources folder or something important isn’t there) but when I check my server console it says

Some resources have an outdated resource manifest:
[ citizen-server-impl] - NYPD%20CARS
[ citizen-server-impl] - NYSP%20CARS

To my knowledge everything is 100% added and all .meta, .ytd/yft, and .lua file is correct



The other file looks the same (With different info ofc)

Try removing the “**” stuff and replacing it with the filepath of which you’ve placed your files

nah, globbing works in fivem altho he should only be using one

delete your _resource.lua and replace it with a file called fxmanifest.lua

fx_version 'cerulean'
games { 'rdr3', 'gta5' }

author 'hamy os'
description 'car addon'
version '1.0.0'

files {

data_file 'HANDLING_FILE'            'data/**/handling*.meta'
data_file 'VEHICLE_LAYOUTS_FILE'    'data/**/vehiclelayouts*.meta'
data_file 'VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE'    'data/**/vehicles*.meta'
data_file 'CARCOLS_FILE'            'data/**/carcols*.meta'
data_file 'VEHICLE_VARIATION_FILE'    'data/**/carvariations*.meta'
data_file 'CONTENT_UNLOCKING_META_FILE' 'data/**/*unlocks.meta'
data_file 'PTFXASSETINFO_FILE' 'data/**/ptfxassetinfo.meta'

and paste this inside

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So I replaced __resource.lua with fxmanifest.lua and copy and pasted all the text into that file but my cars still wont spawn and still pops up with this error


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^ Could you help me