I need help getting set in the right direction to make my first script

Hello all, I’m not asking for someone to show me from A to Z but I am asking for someone to help point me in the right direction on how to start making my own script.

The script I want to make is simple, similar to jail scripts, but I want to make a /hospital and /morgue script, where they will be transferred to when they’re dead or hospitalized.

I checked out FiveM Docs/wiki but I was wondering if there is another site that anyone know of that has documentation on how to create the script I’m looking for.

Thank you.

I’d recommend this. Or to be honest just take another death script, edit it then with that knowledge when editing you start to learn more. Also don’t be afraid to look around, and ask around.

The thing about that is the death script I want was deleted by the guy who made it and I’m not finding anything similar to the/hospital or /morgue that I’m looking for

Try this one and convert it to a command

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