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Hi here :slight_smile:

Is there a way that I can transfer my online characters to FiveM, I miss them very much :cry:

No because the online character is stored on the rockstar servern.

@SorensenDK it is possible via SKINCONTROL.ASI but u need to change the button from f8 to like f12 or something else so it doesnt conflict with the console but be aware this is not supported by FIVE M support due to it not being specifically made for fiveM but that does not mean it does not work, so you can use that set your character skin to your liking etc but if you encounter bugs/crashes/errors don’t assume its FiveM due to you running other mods, but if someone makes some type of server sided control for MP characters to be used then maybe its possible to create a script like that

Okayy and thanks :slight_smile: But where can I find the ‘skincontrol.asi’ file, so I can give it a try. Also ok with F8/F12.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have ‘EnhancedReborn5.asi’ in my ‘plugins folder’ and a ‘er-config.xml’ in the FiveM main folder, it work fine so maybe I can replace / do something there ? I will come back in few days.

To make it clear. You can not import your online character with this program, but you can make an imitation, as well as possible, see picture.
Place ‘Skin Control.asi’ in your ‘plugins folder’ or make one in the ‘FiveM main folder’.

To move the skin program ‘F8’ activation to ‘F12’ instead (‘F8’ is the console), create a ASCII file called ‘Skin Control.ini’ (with space in the file name) and give it the following content:

Skin Control.ini v2.1
Hotkey: 123

Place the file in your ‘GTA 5 main folder’ and start FiveM. It works fine here :slight_smile:
If you will go online, it maybe a good idea to delete the .ini file first ??

Now we just need a wise person who can tell us how we do our new character, to our new main character (via a login name) to FiveM ?? :smile:


Okay, as an alternative you can always just pick your character through the program :wink:.

PS: I hope that others on the server can see the same as I see :wink:

Edit: Tested and okayy :relaxed:

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