I’m done…

I’m done, not in use anymore

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AbsoluteRP || [18+] || Cayo Perico || EMS/ Police / Civilian || Mature Staff || Whitelisted ||
OceanLife Roleplay | Whitelisted | Custom Assets | 16+ | Realism Roleplay | https://oceanliferoleplay.invisionzone.com/ | RT200!
Experienced Chief of Police looking for new project (Read Through please)
Public Safety of San Andreas | EUP | Custom CAD/MDT | Custom Postal Map | Hiring LEO, Fire/EMS, Dispatch and Civs | Custom Cars/Weapons
NSGN | San Andreas Department Of Safety
East Coast RP | Active Staff | Troll Free Semi Public | Custom Scripts | Custom Liveries
Final Roleplay [13+] [Serious Roleplay]
✅ Law and Order Roleplay [LAORP] | Very Serious RP | vMenu Based Server [discord.gg/laorp]
⊰ Paradise Palms Roleplay ⊱ Actively Recruiting | Active Staff Team | Controller Support | NEW SERVER
SOSARP, The Fun RP Server your waiting for!
X-Y-Z RP | 18+ | Whitelisted | Brand New | Lore Friendly
Sunset Roleplay | Whitelisted | 15+ | Serious Roleplay
Southern San Andreas Roleplay | Whitelisted 15+
[New] Code Zero Role Play | VMenu Family based RP | Looking for staff and Server Support Join Today! You might like It!
[NEW SERVER] Liberty State Role-Play Hiring Staff, PD, EMS, and more! | Custom CAD | vMenu | Need Department Heads |
Not in Use
[BETA - NEW] Paradise Roleplay | DOJ Based | 500+ Custom Cars | Realistic RP | Drugs & Gangs | Drifting | Real Estate | Active Police & EMS | CAD/MDT | EUP | vMenu
Nocity Roleplay :uk: | Active Police & EMS | Custom Imports | 10K Starting Cash | Custom made 1 of 1 scripts | Active & Friendly Community
Method RP | Slow paced economy | Built by, and for the community | Active development for civilians, factions, and criminals
Street Angeles RP | RP & PVE| FivePD | Real LA Building, code, callsign| Hiring staff, department head, LEO, EMS, Civ Most Realistic LA Based Server
DownSouth Role-play Community | EUP | Public | Hiring Department Head/Supervisors | Recruitment | Custom Framework | downsouthrp.net | discord.gg/k5jy99JUyG
Looking for a QB or a ESX server to be ems in
🌃 [New] [Roleplay] Infinite Gaming 2.0 | Allowlisted | QBCore/vMenu Hybrid | Looking For Dept. Heads | Streamer/Content Creator Friendly | 13+
[Launching Soon] UniversalCity RolePlay | Custom Houses | Serious RolePlay | New Community | Custom made Drugs/Robberies/Gangs | Hiring LEO, EMS, Mechanics, Gangs |
Phoenix Roleplay US. | 15+ | Serious Roleplay | Controller Friendly | Economy Based | Streamer Friendly | Allowed listed with Whitelist professions |
[NEW] Beacon Hill Roleplay Community | New Community | Looking for Members/Staff+/Development Team | Age: 15+ | https://discord.gg/yGrqhPRq
Midnight City Roleplay | 15+ | US Based | Whitelisted | Serious RP | vMenu | Custom Framework and Custom TS Plugin For Realistic Radio RTO

Add me on discord Kingston#5180

Hello this is just what my community needs.

We are a new and upcoming texas based server looking for two new Houston Polcie Department command staff if interested please join the discord in my ad post and fill out an application for me please and ill get with you both.


Please give us consideration. We are currently under development with a beta launch scheduled this month and a server launch scheduled for the first or second week and January!

Thank you for your time and if interested please contact via,
Discord Server > Premiere Gaming Roleplay
Department Administrator Application > [https://forms.gle/CDXjm1Mqw8c5Zm1s7 ]

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If you’re still looking for a community to join, check out FreshStart Roleplay! We are run by two, Long-Term Experienced FiveM Members with backgrounds in communities such as DoJRP.

Join our discord here and we can get you started: FreshStart Roleplay Fan Server

We are a new community that has just started currently looking for a Chief Of Police and Assistant Chief of Police, please get in contact with me other discord for further details. Callum C.#8522.

Welcome to Golden State Roleplay!! A server actively recruiting members striving for excellence.
We are looking to provide active users with good role-play experience a realistic role-play time as well as a fun community. We are currently looking for department heads and leads. We are also looking for staff and more. Come check us out!

What we offer:

• | Friendly Staff
• | Realistic Roleplay
• | Good Selection Of Emergency cars/civ cars
• | Friendly environment for everyone
from all backgrounds
☆☆ And Much More! ☆☆


  • Age 13 or over
  • Legal Copy of GTA on PC
  • Mature


  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - Needs Head and Command
  • San Andreas Fire Department - Needs Head and Command
  • San Andreas Communications Department - Needs Head and Command

We are a new server and would be over happy if you gave us a chance and help us grow!

Golden State Roleplay
Server Director
Acting Internal Affairs Director
Nicholas Johnson

Good day. Please join https://discord.gg/PS9SW3pxMs and talk with us

Thank you for your interest in us, I’m applying right now.

Currently could use some more active police, especially a department head. Would love to chat.

Already have our SOP and all scripts in. Many paid police scripts, SonoranCAD, Gabz’s MRPD, over 40 imported police vehicles. Basically just need players at this point!

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Hey Pal! I am the Undersheriff in a brand new FiveM Menu server! Please message me and join the discord! We are looking to fill out our Major Positions! Shatter RP | FiveM

Hii! I’m responding here from a message you sent me on another post.
My server, Daydream RP is looking for Police! We currently want everyone to start at the bottom (with supervision from staff of course) and work their way up through RP. We want to get to know the Police and see their RP before we put them into such an important role. If you’re interested, join our Discord!

Thanks for the offer Ted but I’m good, sorry. Frostal doesn’t want experienced department heads

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Before we join, do have a Fire and Rescue department or just EMS?

Yea I left that we could do with some more Law Enforcement Officers over in Project Life!

[NO-APPS FIRST MONTH] ShoreLine Roleplay | Whitelisted Community [15+] | Custom Server Assets | Launching Soon | NEED LEO Department Heads - FiveM Server Development / Server Bazaar - Cfx.re Community

Bump! Updated post with additional info and we’re still looking!

Hi! We would love to have you and your community try out our economy server. Send me a DM on discord and we can talk more. :slight_smile: faizy#6969


Here at Gang Haven Role Play we are looking for Police, EMS & STAFF of ALL RANKS!

Feel free to come in and have a chat with us, Ask for Brad, Cope or Chris Paul

Look forward to working with you !

Discord Link: Gang Haven Role Play

Bump. Still looking!