I looking for a french developper

Hi, I looking for a FREE french developper for help me for my server.

You know you have nothing for free nowaday… Most of servers works on the mutual help and knowledges, one guy work the scripts, the other work the 3d models, the third is good with handlings… then you have a multi-tasks team to work a clean server. but ask for a guy to come make you a server for free, with the time that need… i think you will wait for a while.

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Removed French

I don’t care if you’re looking for a French developer. You will speak English on this forum :slight_smile:

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You search a french speaking person or a french french guy ? (with beret and baguette :laughing: )

French french guy :slight_smile:

Oh my god, write code for free for Mathéo, cant wait to start

I’m looking for a large breasted female to be my secretary, for FREE. We’ll both probably be waiting awhile.

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