I have played

So I played this for a fair bit of time and yes paided to win to get into the server but the admins favor the streamer groups and will ban you over nothing . Not only that they wont let you tell your side of the story despite proof and the concept of breaking the rules basically involves fail rp being the big bad do not do this. Combat logging is also big bad. Despite a fair few pay to win non streamers its mainly people that think they are “that guy” and try and act big and will kill you for nothing and the admins are ok with this as long as they pay to win to join and fean to stream the server.
Dont get me wrong tho this server is one of a king because of what they try and make it in order to meta farm the big fat cash. Also when you get perma ban you can only appeal your ban 2 times then never again no matter what it is or what proof you have and if you take you issue to the discord the discord mods are living up to the title and will ban you over sharing / complaining about anything related to the server or trying to contact someone above the “discord mod” position.


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