I have a litle question

Hi, I have a small question, I would like to save my job HUD, when we leave and come back in the game. I want her to save my job on my hud. how to do. Sorry for my little question.
Thank you

You want to show the actual job of the player that is in the database?
You could do it the same way that essentialmode is doing with the cash.
Or the same way as Banking is doing with the bankbalance.

Can’t really explain this whole process in a single help thread though

Yes I want to do. Try to explain to me

What you want to understand is these 2 files in essentialmode (I’m working with the mysql version btw, so I’m not sure if these files are the same for the couchDB)

client/main.lua In this you will need to SendNUIMessage({ }). With this you are sending the message to your UI.

ui.html in this one you are getting what you are sending. So you will be able to see item.setmoney == true for example.
This is linked to this call in main.lua

					setmoney = true,
					money = cashy

item.money is your ui.html is equal to the var cashy in your main.lua and these are called in the class player of essentialmode when a player get money or lose money.

So try to understand these 4 and reproduce it with what you want to add