I dont see nothing?

Hi i have small problem, FiveReborn running okay, but look at this…

alt text

wtf ?

GPU: Radeon HD 7670M (on SP works okay, stable 60fps)

if i click anywhere i can connect to server, but i dont see names and gui…

Sry for my bad english :smile:

Please help ;c

it happens every time you start the game or is it the first time.?

every time… :frowning:

Citizen log

ok, well it happens to me sometimes but i just have to restart it or wait a sec, but in this case try to do a troubleshooting comparability, and see if it works, if not reinstall Five reborn.

make sure you have Microsoft visual c++ redistributable’s 2013-15
and if not well we will keep trying.

All Visual C++ Redistributable’s 2012-2015 installed, GTA V reinstalled and Reborn too… Nothing :frowning:

maybe any auto direct connection? (in auth autoconnect doesn’t work)

me too same probelm and no body can help me or u hope w can find solution

Try to add five reborn.exe to your firewall

i did it evrething myb the question to whou creat fivereborn because he hav the solution

Added to firewall and i have this same problem… :angry:

ye hhhhh i now me too

Turn off any anti-virus you have running temporarly and see if that fixes the problem. Please give the client some time to load up.

i did it but nothing

i dont have anti virus :smiley:


pls guys help :frowning:

refresh? ;c

@VeroN Use backspace.