I dont get angle when i drift

i have installed handling.meta, tried to switch it out with other handlig.meta’s, nothing happend. I compared with my friend and he had much more angle, i tried to use his handlig.meta file, nothing happend.

make sure you place it in the correct place and do not have any other mods or handlings other places that could overwrite it handling.meta would go here 5R\citizen\common\data and paste it in there

@GanjaMonster i dont have any other mods, the Handling.meta file is where it is supost to be

i would try a different .meta then maybe that one is corrupted or missing lines causing it not to load

This is more something for general discussions, has nothing todo with FiveReborn related bugs.

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@GanjaMonster i tried to download .meta file from the internett, no sucsess