I can't seem to install fiveM succesfully help!?!?

As the titel says i can’t seem to install FiveM everytime i install it it only creates these files

Picture of my fivereborn folder: http://prnt.sc/eoo8t3

That’s all i don’t understand it anymore

That is perfectly fine - what happens when you run FiveM, and what does FiveM Application Data/CitizenFX.log say?

Nothing happens i double click it and nothing happens

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_JSezWiNwmgUkp4aUJ6ZmtMNzQ/view?usp=sharing that is my Citizenfx.log

and yes i do have .net framework 4 installed

i don’t understand what is going wrong ;’/

can someone help me?

i have the same issue … i got 4.5 net framework . just wont launch!

Yup it’s really anoying

Ah! Yeah, this is a bug that happened in the latest update. Please hold while we fix it.

As a workaround, copy OwnershipUI (from the FiveM Application Data folder) to the folder with the EXE in it.

like this?

Yes. and try running it.

didnt work. i got 4.5 net framework.

thank you so much the ownershipui did work for me thank you so much

Graag gedaan!

your dutch? XD haha didn’t know