I cant see my asset of a mlo i bought off of tebex

i cant see my asset on my keymaster after i bought a mlo from tebex and i cant try it again when i first got it thee asset was there now it is not i need some help please

Reload the page.
2. Logout then login

Also check your email might be a download link or button you press. As not every asset will go into your key master. Majority but not all.

I did that it wont let me download asset nomore and the asset is just not on keymaster

Has somebody maybe been on your account? Maybe purchased with a different email?

i purchased it with a different email everytime i buy from tebex i use my main email zavionsimmons07@gmail.com

and the only person who been on the account is the other owner

Wym you purchase it with a different email everytime? You do or don’t.

Maybe the owner transferred the script over to his account? Maybe you purchased through his account when developing?