I cant load my custome logo in fivem

Hello, hope you are well.
I have a problem i create a logo using 3ds max everything is good
i place it using code walker normaly and i create the manifest for him in code walker
until now i have 3 file (_manifest.ymf / logo.ydr / logo.ymap )
i create the resource folder and stream and fxmanifest.lua
i start the script
until now everything good with no error
When I log into the server, and go to where the logo should be, I find nothing.
Can you help me how to solve this problem or explain what is happening?
Thank you in advance. :rose::rose:
Screenshot 2023-11-17 160236

Only thing I can think of that I am not seeing here is a YTYP

thx brother after i create a ytyp file now i can load the logo thx again for your help :rose:

:slight_smile: Glad you got that figured out with my little guidance! best of luck

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