I can't install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

I get the CITIZENGAME.DLL FATAL ERROR and from what I’ve read in the FAQ I need to install Visual Studio 2015 and it gives me an unspecified error with the code 0x80240017 (log file http://pastebin.com/Fsit3EnN from Visual Studio)

Uninstall it through your programs, then re-install it.

I have tried to re-install it,I get the same error in the same part.I have re-installed the windows and still nothing changed(Win 8.1 64Bit Pro).

You need to update your Windows then install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

You probably broke your Windows installation in such a way that CBS updates can’t be installed anymore - this will be an issue with any program made with newer compilers using the default options, I’d recommend reinstalling/upgrading Windows.

Alternately, if you ever blocked/didn’t install any Windows updates (including the core update lots of people remove as ‘hurr it starts whining about Windows 10’), please undo said actions, as they’re a prerequisite for the VC2015 runtime.

So I need to install the Windows updates?I hate them but I will give it a try.Thanks

I have updated the Windows to the latest version and now it is working,thank you guys!

@caddy593 Glad you solved it.