I cant get vmenu 3.3.1 in my server

Hello, I have been trying to add vMenu version 3.3.1. However, I add it exactly how its supposed to but when I try to load into the game It doesn’t even show up on the load list/game. I have looked at the read me on the website but it still doesn’t work. I have done everything possible that i know but none of them work. I followed the installation exactly as stated but it doesnt do anything in game. any suggestions or something that i might not have that I need in order for it to install?

Well, posting what you’ve done to install it will be helpful to identify where the error is :slight_smile:

First, i downloaded it. Then i went into my server data folder, made a new folder named vMenu as said in the installation. Next, I extracted the download into that folder. Then I pasted the permissions.cfg into the directory where the server.cfg was. The i went into the server file and edited it and did exec exec resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg as said to by the installation files when using zap-hosting (I also tried doing it to just do the permissions.cfg in the main directory area but that didn’t work either). Next added ensure vMenu and then started the server but it never shows up that it is loading and doesn’t show in game

+exec permissions.cfg

that is what your supposed to do you add it at the very top of the server.cfg #1 line

adding what your issue is… is also helpful as you havent stated what the issue is or not from what ive read

I mean he said “it doesnt load in game or show up on the load list/game.” also the installation steps he did are in another reply…

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