I cant find my server on the server list

So, this is my first time installing a server. I port forwarded, I have the “New” folder from the server.7z inside my FiveReborn folder. I ran the runbot, then CitizenFX Platform server ran up, and then I ran FiveReborn. I couldn’t at all find my server. I called it “FiveReborn Turtle gaming”. By the way, “annouce” is set to true. I don’t know what I did wrong.

Did you forward both UDP and TCP - 30120?

I have the same issue with my server. My friends can see it but I can’t. I just manually connect using my local IP through the settings. Port is forwarded both UDP and TCP.


Yes, I did forward both UDP/TCP - 30120.

@PoliceNewbie Have u found a solution? I have the same problem and always have. Both UDP and TCP are open on port 30120. People can join and everything works, but it dosnt show up in the server list…-

I had this issue with a server I run, it was due to the server being out of date. Try re downloading the server files as that worked for me

@n0de101 I dl and installed lastest server version last night and it has been up for 24 hours. Still not showing up :frowning:

hey im having the same problem did you solve it?

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