I cant download The Client version

i cant download the client version my chorme cant open the page

Click here

i cant i


Works fine? The link it said it can’t load has nothing todo with downloading the exe file?

@Fasito31 Try Proxy, firefox, VPN, disable adblocker all that jazz, It’s definitely not fivereborn’s servers.

I can’t download the server nor the client as well. It said that updater.fivereborn.com refused to connect.
I tired difference browser, turn off plugins like adblocker but still doesn’t work. I even ask my friend to try it with different ISP but she can’t download it as well.

yeah mine says i need to update fivereborn when i try to open it. then i get and error code 7 saying it faild to launch bootstrapper.

idk why my post was deleted, but i get the error (7) whenever i start fivereborn as well

thats what i get.

@edmundhei That’s exactly what is happening to me. I have checked, turned off, changed everything and tried different browsers. No matter what I do, I am getting the same response again and again. updater.fivereborn.com refused to connect.

Same here Same error plz fix this love this mod

i have that problem. today is the first time i tried to download fivereborn, but the download had some citizen fx error. so i deleted all the mods from gta folder, tried fivereborn.exe again and now i’m stuck with error 7. i can’t open the exe file, and i can’t download a new one. any solutions?

this happened 4 month ago with a bunch of other people and they fixed it.

@GeorgeRios I just got that exact same message when posting here. This is terribly frustrating.

Updater is down, please be patient.

Got it Boss.

@Boss so it will work? ok great then, i was affraid it was a problem with my pc or browsers xD

@edmundhei @GeorgeRios @XTheGreatJamesX @OfficialLAPDClan @EnerGonix You guys are asking about a completely different problem. Recently (like within 3 hrs) there was an issue and the devs are working on resolving it. I’m not sure when, but yes hopefully soon. All you will need to do is touch a file (create a file, be it copy the original exe or what have you) named “FiveReborn.exe.dev”. Keep in mind that this won’t show the list you normally have (As supplied by updater.fivereborn.com) you will need to get the ip and type it in the gear tab to then join a server manually. I won’t say this again XD.

@exalented renameing it doesn’t work for me unfortunately