I am making a new FiveM Roleplay server!

I need some developers as well some staff to help me out. I have played FiveM for about 3 years and I have seen enough to create one of my own servers. If you are interested go ahead and hit me up.

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Do you know lua or c#

Hi so I am not really that experienced with coding but I am learning the basics like I know how to import custom cars onto the server and other things as well

I see you need a dev


Add me on discord

Hello, I am a developer that has 2+ years of experience programming in FiveM

If you would be interested give me an add on discord or join my server if you would prefer it.

Darth Squanto#7494

Hi it doesnt seem to work with that username

I might have something available for you if you are open for an opportunity, I’m currently building my own community (95% complete) not based on ESX. I’m currently looking for a Co-Owner (50/50 ownership). If you are interested hit me up. Steff#1940

Fluent in LUA + I have managed a staff team before.

Username doesn’t seem to work when friending.


Hi. What’s your discord link or @?

Add me Austin K#2058. I can help you with everything

just provide yours or join this discord server https://discord.gg/qvZNPFgzFx