I am looking for a community where I can train Police Officers

As the title states I am looking for a place where I can train cops for the server. I’m old and shootouts and vehicle pursuits aren’t anything I look forward to. The reason why I like training police is because I don’t want to be on a server with inadequate policing. Bad Cops tend to get the civs going into wild wild west mode. Most people I know will not play where gunplay over rules role play.

I have experience , training materials and the ability to effectively teach others how to police on a FiveM server.
I don’t care about rank . I’d like to contribute to improving a community by creating great cops out of average civs.



LSPDFR Roleplay Clan is currently in development for Five M. We currently operate on Xbox One however are now also moving on to Five M. Currently our server is in development and we’re looking for anyone willing to help with training new members whether that is civ’s or LEO’s.

We were founded in October 2015 and are currently celebrating our 3 Years anniversary inside of the GTA V community. We’d love to have you on our team.

If your interested for more details or info etc please feel free to contact us on instagram: @lspdfr_roleplayclan


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@RockSteel141If your interested please look into my server and discord. Midwest Life-MLRP has been open for three months and we have just about 50 members now. The community is a non els non esx server providing menu base lambda and simple trainer for the community. We focus on serious players and Roleplay. We act out are own rp and take it serious. We offer many vehicles from custom skinned emergency to custom civ. Many vehicles to choose from we offer Addon and replace vehicles and custom scripts. We also are gonna open a business section too where players can own there business. DEPARTMENTS:
San Andreas Fire
Blaine county volunteer fire department

Thank you for the replies.

If you havent found a server you are welcome to Join Southern Justice RP as i am currently looking for Staff and Heads of Departments. You can contact me at Hazlett#4174 for any other questions

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ASRP is currently looking for an FTO for LEO please feel free to join discord. https://discord.gg/JM37tgx We are a small community

Some of the replies I am getting to my post in the forum are from communities who do NOT have a server yet. I am not looking to become part of a group that mainly sits in Discord and does not have much else to do.

Like I stated in the first post I want to train police officers for a FiveM community. The community must have a server and a need for someone to train cops.

Mine is in Need for new Heads

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I am still looking for a place to play FiveM.

What I am looking for is:
A community that has more than 30 people active on a daily basis.
A community that does have it’s own server.
A community that uses Teamspeak for coms without a spinoff of Task Force Radio.
A community that I can train as a cop and eventually become an actual FTO.
A community that puts Rp before Gp at all times.

If you feel your community is a good fit for what I am looking for please reply here in this thread. Thank you and Take care.


Your welcome to join UK DOJ RP we have a server online and play everyday on UK times and we have two police departments and my department is looking for an FTO. And if your not in the UK that’s fine we’re also looking for NA members so we can have RP going on at all times of the day/night.


╰ × We are a new and growing GTA V Roleplay Server based in London looking for new players.
Join the server today and start your story with us. Will you fight crimes … or cause crimes ?
Either way, your friends are waiting here.
(Platform: PC/FiveM.)

╰ × Custom scripts allowing for realistic crimes, black markets and gangs !
╰ × Active police and emergency service mechanics !
╰ × Interactive and innovative currency mechanisms - earn bonuses by supporting the server.
╰ × Realistic real estate - buy your dream house here.
╰ × Over 200 custom cars ready to be purchased by you.
╰ × Good and responsive team of admins on call for help !
╰ × Receive live updates on server changes and events through Discord.

╰ × https://bit.ly/3oj3SLF

Dear RockSteel141

I would love to give you a community for you to train people in but I sadly don’t have one but that’s not the reason I have sent this message.

I send this message asking if you can train me to be a police officer ?

If you do accept I will be great full for what you have done.


Destination Roleplay,

We are pleased to bring the FiveM community a new server! One where it is your future, your destination! We bring you…Destination Roleplay! Live the life that you want to live. Maybe you want to enforce the laws of San Andreas and protect your fellow citizens. Join BCSO! Perhaps you like saving lives and caring for your fellow citizens. Join SAEMS! Maybe you like working on cars and supporting your community. Join DOT! Or, perhaps you like breaking the rules and living as a renegade. No matter what path you choose, it is yours to direct. We offer many exciting features in Destination Roleplay. Here are a few:

  • Server is up 24/7 (scheduled restart at 5 am EST).
  • Custom framework.
  • Hiring BCSO, SAEMS, DOT, Car Dealers, Real Estate Agents, Pilots, and much more!
  • Be the boss of your own business.
  • MANY secondary jobs to do!
  • Rob banks, jewelry store, stores, houses, and players.
  • Craft weapons and car parts!
  • Realistic stress management system.
  • Multiple activities such as bowling, golfing, basketball, arm wrestling, yoga, fishing, hunting, diving, and much more!
  • Buy and furnish a house!
  • Obtain a driver’s license, motorcycle license, CDL, and weapons license.
  • Want to change the way you look? Purchase a plastic surgery voucher from a Doctor!
  • Custom integrated MDT
  • Custom EUP
  • LOTS of custom vehicles
  • Serious roleplay


So, what are you waiting for? Join Destination Roleplay today and create the future you want to make!
Join our discord to learn more: Destination RolePlay

i am open to help you out if you still need someone

Hey you should come check out WonderRP. There is so much to do we are actively looking for more and more officers. We have tons to do we are NP inspired. Tons of clothing options, and a bunch of unique scripts in the server. HMU if your interested or join the discord.

Check us out at 𝙎𝙖𝙣 𝘼𝙣𝙙𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙨 𝙎𝙩𝙖𝙩𝙚 𝙍𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙮

We’d love to essentially work with you in any of our departments. Definitely consider checking Valor Roleplay out: https://www.valorrp.net/join-us/

California DOJRP | New Server! | NO APPLICATIONS | LSPD, SAHP, BCSO, LSFD | Custom Vehicles | Lambda/vMenu Based | Looking for Department Heads | Hiring all Departments | Realistic Roleplay - FiveM Server Development / Server Bazaar - Cfx.re Community