I am looking for a community to join as a dispatch

I don’t have the best graphics card. I am looking to get a graphic card in a couple weeks. I am looking to join a community as a dispatcher and maybe sometime become more active in the community.

Hey! DividedJustice Roleplay is looking for members interested in the communications department. Once you get your graphics card, you can stay in communications as a reserve and enjoy other things you may be interested in!

We have the community for you! Join our discord: https://discord.gg/swrpofficial

Aye. I see your issue. I have a solution.

Our community is still building our communications department as it is one of the hardest teams to build due to lack of recruitment in this field, however you have a unique opportunity to help lead the team in our community pending your interested to do so.

We use a cad system that is capable of communication with the server itself and have specific channels to ease the the stress on operators past the norm of leo and civ channels.

Additionally you can save pdf version of reports, books, and more to help in investigating crimes out of server.

Here is a link to out fivem post for more info and a link to our public discord where you can directly reach staff without having to actually be a member.

We are a 14+ whitelisted community and 90% menu based.