I am getting an error while entering the project

Server Artifact Version:final
Operating System (Windows/Linux):windows
Error screenshot (if any):
Crash files (if any):
[Window Title]
Error RDR2_b1311.exe+2502D96

[Main Instruction]

An error at RDR2_b1311.exe+2502D96 caused RedM to stop working. A crash report is being uploaded to the RedM developers.

Legacy crash hash: finch-neptune-purple
Stack trace:
gta-core-rdr3.dll!rage::RunEntries (0x1b) (GameSkeleton.cpp:191)
gta-core-rdr3.dll!rage::gameSkeleton_updateBase::RunGroup (0x21) (GameSkeleton.cpp:218)
gta-core-rdr3.dll!rage::RunEntries (0x1b) (GameSkeleton.cpp:191)

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[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: RDR2_b1311.exe+2502D96
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