HylonRP | EUP | DISCORD PERMS | DOJ BASED | NEED STAFF | NEED LEO/EMS | discord.gg/Bc7znjKxCF | 50+ Custom cars | Paid Assets | Anyone Can Be A Cop | Non-Whitelisted

Hello, my name is Millie L. and I am Director at HLRP I would like to invite you into our server and we are looking for staff and people to join to help with our growth we have custom EUP that we have bought a good selection of civ cars and much more!

We have one department at the moment!! We have Blaine County Sheriffs Office and we are looking for more people to join!

We are working hard to make the server the best experience for everyone! Please join and help us on this journey to make this a great server

Hey Millie Its me Ted, I think I may be banned from that or its an invalid link

Bump! Link is now updated

Bump for this post! We are fixing up the discord!

Bump 2


Bump! Looking for more management


  • Just got us a teamspeak server
  • Bought a new fleet for BCSO [ sast also but yet to be a dept. ]
  • A lot of new civilian vehicles coming in soon.

Bump! Still looking for BCSO recruits and a 05 position is open in BCSO! We are still looking for more staff also and management.

Bump! Looking for an 05 of sheriff’s! also looking to fill our management! Join the discord and make a ticket if interested!

Bump! Looking for more community members! just added more civilian vehicles!

love this server 10/10 respectful staff and a great community

Some of our civ cars!

Bump! Still looking for BCSO 05 and more management and staff!