HybridCAD Download Link?

Does anyone still have the link to download HybridCAD for version v2.1.2? Please help me out! I was told it was bought it by a different company but I need to have that download link!

There is no download link

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What do you mean?

I mean exactly what I said.

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I still see people using it and downloading it.

I’m trying to find where they can download it…

Not sure how that is relevant or how you see people downloading it but I think you might have a bigger problem is you see people downloading it…just saying…

Either way, you aren’t getting a download link.

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Ok, and you won’t be getting a link from here.

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What do you mean I aint getting a download link? Are you not wanting to give it to me?

You’r welcome :wink:

There is a V2 which looks so much nicer but its no longer available so I just let it all aside and designed my own :slight_smile:

didn’t know that he had a v2.