HW Scripts | Med System (Rewritten) (ESX / QBCORE)

HW Scripts - Med System (Rewritten) (ESX / QBCORE)

This is an advanced medical system that can help improve medical RP.
This script is made for NEW Update ESX and Qbcore.
Script got rewritten by HW Development.


  • HW Development | HenkW


  • Made client changes for QBCORE support.
  • Made server changes for QBCORE support.
  • Added Config.Framework to set correct framework.

:tools: Requirements

  • ESX Server
  • Qbcore server
  • HW Radial Menu → Optional

:white_check_mark: Features

  • Any players can do /med [player ID] to check someone’s medical info like where they’ve been hit
    their pulse and blood level as seen below it also displays the users Character Name.
  • Automatic Chat Message when the player is Dead blood 0-5% and hurt area is HEAD using /med [id]
  • Discord logging added for better moderation (config.webhook)
  • Possibilty for developers to turn on debug mode to get outputs on actions made.

This will be shown when /med [id] is used:

This is how the discord logs will look like:

:wrench: Download & Installation

Follow these steps to set up the med system script on your ESX server:

  1. Download the Files: Download the script files from the provided source.

  2. Copy to Server Resource Directory: Place the hw_medsystem folder in the server resource directory.

  3. Update server.cfg: Add the following line to your server.cfg file:

    start hw_medsystem
  4. Start Your Server: Restart or start your ESX server to load the hw_medsystem resource.

Enjoy the script! :heart:


cool system. I would think it would be better if it worked with closest player instead of player ID, that you can simply install the whole thing in the radial menu, for example

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Mhm sounds interesting, i’ll take it with the next update!

If you have more ideas/suggestions i’m happy to hear it!

Great update to this resource, use it in almost every server we work on. Very functional & extremely useful.

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Nice scripts :smile:

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Well done :white_check_mark:.

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In terms of roleplay, it’s certainly more beneficial. I’ve noticed many creators who don’t consistently provide logs to Discord (and yes i know they want to someday get rid of it). Consequently, I make it a habit to always include them in the scripts I create. :slight_smile: Same for simple debugging outputs… but thats just to make stuff simple.

I have pushed a new update on this script!
Highly recommned you to check out the latest release that is available right now!

Maybe add a possibility to add ox target and qb target? I dont know if it works like that but maybe you can fix that?

thank god you are back - i utilize this script can we please see a feature to declare dead by bpm instead of blood?

what do you mean with ‘thank god im back’ ?
I never left :grin:

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… can the declared dead by bpm be done?

Pls support qbcore :weary:

I will look into it in next update :slight_smile:
Sorry for the late reply…

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Will do it tonight!
Sorry for the late response…

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U have to try latest release. → (there is alreay a new release)
Please let me know if you encouter any issues!

Check repo!!!
And please let me know if you have any problems :slight_smile:


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Maybe a clean small UI? idk :stuck_out_tongue:

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and wasabi_ambulance support