Okay as you can see i am really new in this mod and i dont know to much about it. I am posting this because i want to start scripting, making gamemodes etc. So i dont know anything about making gamemodes. I just know HTML and CSS and a bit of C++. I never made a gamemode or mod for a game but i want to start doing that bcs then i could help a little bit to this community and other communities that make modes for games like this one is! If anyone could help me achieve that i would be very happy. I know some of you guys from V:MP and that was a good mod i really like it but it was not stable like i hope this one will be. Some of you played MTA modification for GTA SA and i was the one that edited servers few times (adding gamemodes and other resources) I was thinking of making simple gamemodes that are entertaining as well as you know that Rockstar has a bunch of those kind gamemodes. I was thinking about Deathruns, GTA Races, TDM etc. I know that we cant use rockstars resources so i am thinking about making them by myself. If you have some recommendations please reply :slight_smile:

I don’t have that info for you, but I do know this topic is in the wrong forum. :wink:

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