How would I go about reporting a fivem server for taking my resource and not removing it?

Hello, so I’ve made a resource for my server, and I gave it to a friend for his server too, well he is no longer a friend and won’t remove the resource from his server, is it possible to report the server for taking my resource?

Email [email protected]

provide evidence that you own the assets along with proof the server is using those assets.

it is also a private, paid resource btw.

thank you, i will try to tell the owner of the server one more time, and if he doesn’t remove it i will email them

I don’t really know that you have the ability to have the resource removed if you are the one who gave it to them. Paid resource or not, if you gave it to them, it came with the understanding that they now have unlimited use of that resource. Unless it is IP locked or they distribute it to others, there isn’t really anything FiveM will do. The abuse email is for those using cheats, not resource disputes.

he removed it anyway


The abuse email is for everything, not just ‘cheats’.