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I couldn’t help you more I don’t use raytracing

Found out why. It’s actually because I originally shot it with Natural Vision Evolved Timecycles and now I’m using quantv timecycles. Thanks anyways.

Hi, I installed the plugin according to your instructions and I have this error when exporting. What to do?

hi guys i am having an issue with my render everytime i render it always gives me black screen but theres audio playing and im running ver 2944 i tried every possible way i know to make it work but still its not working im unsure how to fix it if anyone have the same issue and have rectified it please share., and also im unsure if i need to rerecord the shots with EVE installed or i can just use the old recorded scenes

i got it fix all i had to do was just change the render resolution, anyone knows how to get higher render?

Change your desktop resolution and then do the same for the ingame one.

isit these?

because i tried bringing up the res ingame but when i render the game it gives me black screen

Having the same issue of (really dark or black screen) The strange thing is I have both render and ingame resolution set to the same as my desktop resolution. I also checked and it is not a reshade issue. Any other ideas?

No. You must head to your graphics controller (Nvidia control panel or AMD Adrenalin) and then create a custom resolution from there. Then set it up on your desktop and in the game.

Make sure to match the game and your monitor’s resolution and then make sure the Render Scale is on the same number but without any multipliers (e.g: 1/4, 1/2, 3/2, etc).
So basically, check if the render scale is multiplying the 4K resolution instead of using the native. That used to be what caused the black screens for me.

I found the rendering result was only a black screen, sometimes the screen flickered, how to fix it please. i follow all the step on github btw…

The resolution you’re trying to export at is higher than what your monitor supports, please lower it to your native resolution.

Make sure you have Voukoder installed

Motion Blur samples are too high. My understanding is that it needs to be a float value (0.0-1.0) anything higher will break the export.

Not quite right. Motion blur samples must be a whole number, which means it could go anywhere from 0 up to 60 and maybe even more (unless it has a limit). However, blur strength must be a float value as you mentioned.

I think he’s missing the blur strength then from his config file.

Do you have a version available for the latest gamebuilds?

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How can i fix it?

I have 3440x1440 resolution and i wanna keep tbh. is it possible?

Make sure Voukoder is installed.